Monday, 2 May 2011

Time For A Change...

I've Decided To Change My Bedroom Style ... From Pretty In Pink To ... Well I Don't Really Know Whatever Furniture And Stuff That Take My Fancy ... Soo I Have Started With These Bits And Pieces ....

I Haven't Got This Yet But I Would Absolutely Love This As I Love The Pattern On It :)

I Got This From The Auction, A Lovely Little Desk Which I Can Put All My Textiles And Art In ...

Also Im Going To Pull My Carpet Up Next Weekend As I Maybe Getting a Lovely BIG Chester Drawers And A Mirror Which Is Going To Bee At The Auction This Tuesday... So Fingers Cross

So Today We Went To The Exmouth Recycling Centre Where I Bought These Lovely Two Gold Treasures ... One Is In Shape Of A Shell And You Can Open It Up To But Treasures in There ... How Comical :) .. Another Is A Candle Holder But The Gold Tinit Is Coming Off Creating The Most Wonderful Pattern

So There Is My Latest Update That I Have Done In a While hopefully I Can Blog Next Weekend About Further Action On My Bedroom

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bluberry Frenzie ( :

Today What A Wonderful Way To Wake Up With The Sun Shining Through My Curtains ThenWent Downstair's To WatchFantastic Mr Fox With My 2 Nephew's ...
Then We Mucked Around In The Garden Taken Picctures (:

Then Me Mother Suggested To Go Up On Of The Hill's To Blackbery Pick And Can You Get A Better View To Pick Fruits ... Tehe

Then Walking Down The Hill I Went Made For Flowers And Took Loadss Of Piccy's (:

After All The Picking We Went Down The Front And Mucked Aroung In The Sea
And Had To Walk Home With My Ugg's Soaking ..

Then I Made Amazinng Cake With Our Blackberry 's With One Of My Nephew's ... A.J

And .... Look At Thatttttt ... yum Yum
But As Quickly AsIt Came Into The Room It Went
But After That Wonderful Day All I Could Do Now Was To Put Up My Feet And Watch X-Factor With a Piece Of Cake And A Cuppa

Saturday, 23 October 2010

What Do YOu Do On A Rainy Day ? ... BLOG ( :

Hiyaa People ... It's My First Week Off Of Year 10 ... And Whatta A Bliss Day .... I Had Cheese On Toast ... Which Is The BESTT EVERR!!!
& Take A Look At Our New Arrivals 3 Week's Old Kittens That My Cat Pumpkin Gave Birth To 4 And Today Have Ventured Outside There Den ...I Love This Tabby One And Really Want TO Kept It .. Well I Would Love To Keep Any One Of Them ..

Well The Low Down On My School Well In Textile I Have Completed This Bird Mobile As A Bass line Test ... My Mum Absolutely Adores This

Well This Wasnt Anything To Do With School But As I Was Looking At Blogs I Found Lots Of Material Flowers An I Loved Them ... Soo I Made My Own And Well I Goota Admit I Love This (:

Well In Art I've Nearlly Finished My First Artist Stdy Of David Hockney.

We've Been Doing Garrowby Hill And Doing Lots Of Respnsse's In Diffrent Skill's Like :

Pencil Sketch

An Painting

A Clay Response

A Plaster Response

A Computer Response

A Printing One

And Now Doing My Overall ResposeWhich Im Going To Do Sidmouth But In the Style Of David Hockney But All Im Waiting For Is The Paint ! (:

Well That The Latest From Me And Hopefully The Next Time I Blog I'll Have A Goldfish In My Room (:

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Lovely Delights From Michelle :)

Well Yesterdayy When I Got Back HOme I Got A Lovely Surprise Waiting For Me ...REcently I Won A Prize From The Wonderfull Michelle ... There Are Soo Lush ... I Got ....

This Include These Wonderful Nature Stickers Alovely Gem Pink Sticker And My Fave ... A Wonderful Pad Full Of Scrapbook Frames ... These Are A Few Of My Favourite ..

THANK YOU MICHELLE I Love My Gifts They Are Soo Lovely And Will Really Help Me With My Gcse Art I Cant Thank You Enough ...
Check Out Michelles Lovely Blog Sooo Click Here

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Mother And Daughter Time

Well On Thursdaii There Was A Flea Market At Budliegh Salterton Which My Mum And I Took Part In ... This Was Her First Ever Stool ... I Was Very Excited ... Even Tho We Sold 5 Things I Got To Admit It Was The Prettiest Stall There And If I Was Looking Around I'd Be In Heaven Tehe ..Well Even Tho We Didnt Sell LOADS We Still Got Lots Of Compliments Espeacially On These Knitted Cupcakes Which I Got to Admitt Is To Die For ... And They Are Knitted By My Lovely NAn Soo Hopefully Getting Some For Christmas Tehe

Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Lazy Day

A Lazy Day In Bed dont Get Any Better Does It ... Lying There Reading a Book Watching E4 With A Cuppa Beside You All Snug While You Can See The Trees Blowing From Side To Side And Your Toes Still Cold You Snuggle A Bit More ...
Well That Was Heartfelt Tehe ... Well The Weather Was Windy And Tbh I COuldnt Be Arsed To Get Out Of Bed Soo I Sat There with A Cuppa Feeling All Nice And Warm When Pumkin (My Cat) Jumped Up Soo There Were To In Da Bed ... :)

Soo Even Tho I Didnt Do Nothing It turned Out to Be A Pretty Good Daii Tbh And I Took Some Lush Pictures Of Pumpkin In My Pretty Pink Bedroom

Naawhh I Do Love Her Teheh :) X

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bargains In the Rain

Nothing Stips My Family Finding Treasures wheather It Sun Or Rain And This Day Was No Expection ... As We Were Soaking Through That Didnt Stop Us Going To Exmouth And REO And well I Found Loads Of Stuff And All For £2.50 All Together ... Bargain ... I Got ...

This Lovely Minature Tea Set ....

These Lovely Retro Buttons ....

This Lovely Bisquit Tin

This Gawg Rose Candle Holder

Okay I Know We Are Still In Summer but It's Never To Early To Think Bout Christmas After All The X Fatcors On And That Is the Ofiical Countdown To Christmas Tehe ..

This Lovely Spotty Mug ...

And this Lovely Retro Clock Which Aint Working But Lovely Presentation :)

And this Fish Bowl Which Will Hold Fish Hopefully Mondaii :)

Well For £2.50
One word